Golf holidays in Istria

New, undiscovered golf courses, warm hospitality, excellent cuisine, fascinating history and culture, that is the magic of Istria. Golf in Istria blended with the unspoilt Adriatic Coast is an ideal golf destination for keen golfers and for those who want to explore.

Golf in Istria

All year round perfect climate for playing golf, especially when in autumn the weather at home gets cold, wet and grey. Great golf courses, beautiful scenery and wonderful resorts accommodation like hotel Kempinski Adriatic and apartments Skipper in Savudrija provide the perfect setting.

The Adriatic Coast

The Istrian Adriatic coast is quickly becoming one of Europe’s top golf pro destinations according to golf club reviews. The Northern Adriatic is shared between three different countries, Croatia, Italy and Slovenia and is home to some of Europe’s top golf courses. These golf courses are located on the Istrian peninsula.


Istria is a perfect place to play golf for several reasons. Firstly, it boasts a fantastic Mediterranean climate. It is said that golf holidays are ideal in the Adriatic anywhere between March and October, but it really is a place where hassle free golf can be played all year round and there is no wonder so many golf players have already made the trip.

The Croatian Tuscany

Istria being the most popular tourist destination in Croatia is often referred to as Croatian Tuscany, a region with a rich cultural and historical legacy, charming towns along the coastline, medieval hilltop villages and towns in the inlands, and numerous opportunities for both a relaxing and active holiday.

We in Istria like to say that the Istrian Peninsula is the best of Tuscany and Venice rolled into one.

Top golf courses

Golf Adriatic

Colf course Adriatic

In terms of golf basics, golfers are spoilt for choice playing golf, with some of the most famous golf courses in their respective countries.One of the top golf courses in the region is golf club Adriatic, located on the Croatian side of the Istrian peninsula, which is a great place to show off your golf swings and your golf shots.

Golf course Trieste

Another crown where golfers can show off their golf style is the Golf club Trieste. Ideal for PGA golf pros and beginners alike, you can be sure to pull out your best golf clubs at this fantastic golf Club. The course is neatly situated in a tranquil oasis between the blue sea and snow-covered Alp peeks, making this golf course a real hit with golfers.

Golf course Brijuni

Have you ever played golf in the company of deer, mouflon, rabbits and peacocks? If you are looking for a completely new experience for playing golf, then the Brijuni golf course should definitely be your next destination.

Other top golf courses in the area

There are also some other outstanding and challenging golf courses in the area that can be easily combined with golfing in Istria i.e.Golf club Lignano and Golf course Grado, located further north along the Adriatic coast. Golf club Arboretum and Golf course Diners Club Ljubljana, and the Magical Royal King's course Bled in Lake Bled, Slovenia.

Food & Wine

Istria is also famous for its excellent local cuisine: homemade, seasonal and fresh. Particularly excellent are the region’s truffles and sole fish, and the many restaurants and taverns in the area are the best place to try the local delicacies. The area is also home to some most famous vine producers, such as Degrassi, Kabola, Kozlović and Matosevic, just to name a few.

Wining and dining

Whether you chose delicacies of the sea or a delicious truffle, the golden drops of the autochthonous Istarska Malvazija, the fragrant Momjan Muscat or ruby-coloured Teran that Casanova used to refresh himself with, these superb pleasures will stay in your memory forever.

Istria is nestled on the ideal region to appreciate the ultimate culinary experience offered between the Adriatic Coast and Istrian hills.

Local information

If you are ready to start an active vacation in Istria, here we recommend and share information about some of the most beautiful places in the region. Istria is the largest peninsula on the eastern Adriatic coast and home to beautiful natural landscapes, picturesque ancient towns, charming villages, medieval castles. Choose your favourite time of the year to visit Istria and explore and enjoy interesting variety of cultural events, gourmet delights and sports activities.

Travel info

One of the key advantages of Istria in relation to other destinations is its proximity to several international airports which makes it well-connected to all major European destinations on year-round basis.

Trieste Airport, Istria, Italy, Pula Airport, Istria, Croatia, Ljubljana Brnik Airport, Slovenia, Venice Marco Polo Airport, Italy.